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 aluminum drill entry sheet

aluminum sheet for pcb drilling

     Aluminium drill entry sheet manufactured for use. with double-sided and multilayer circuit boards to meet both the performance. and cost requirements for general PCB drilling.
    aluminum drilling entry sheet manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment which matches international standards. Tight thickness tolerance, flatness, dimensional accuracy and grease-free surface. and hardness optimal for burr-free drilling required in the manufacture of PCB ensured.
   A printed circuit board (PCB) serves as a foundation. and mechanical support for electronic components. Non-conductive surfaces, printed circuit boards. are also referred to as etched wiring boards and printed wiring boards. After it populated with conductive pathways, signal traces and electronic components. it referred to either as a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) or a printed circuit assembly (PCA).
    An entry material for use in drilling circuit boards to avoid marring of. such boards comprises a wood pulp-glass composite substrate (14) . having aluminum foil (15, 16) bonded to the opposite surfaces thereof. This entry material is cheap and has a stiffness enough to avoid upward bending or “oil canning”. when pressure feet spaced from the drill employed to hold the workpiece. during drilling. and further has enough strength to. withstand high torsional drill forces with drills operating. for high rates of material removal. The double layers of foil separated by the low heat conductive substrate material. affords a pair of heat sinks. which more can carry away heat from the drill.

 PCB drill aluminium board advantages

    An entry sheet for drilling for a printed wiring board material. which comprises a water-soluble resin. and a water-insoluble lubricant as essential components. an entry sheet for drilling for a printed wiring board material. which sheet comprises a metal foil having a thickness of 5 to 200 μm and a thermosetting resin layer . having an average thickness of 1 to 10 μm, the thermosetting resin  layer formed on one surface of the metal foil. and a method for drilling a hole by using the above entry sheet.
    entry board can protect the circuit board against scratches and pressing marks.
     coated aluminium sheet improves the nicety degree of the drilling position. It makes the drilling have guidance so that the drill works without deflection.
     PCB drill aluminium board lengthens the life of the drill bit. Its specific alloy composition can keep the cleanness and the cooling of the drill bit. Whats more, it is a good conductor of heat so it prevents overheating of the drill bit. and it can avoid the oxidation of the surface.

drill bit for aluminum sheet solve burr

     drill bit for aluminum sheet performed on 2 mm sheets of wrought aluminium alloy Al99.7Mg0.5Cu-H24, using 1.6 and 2 mm diameter drills. Cutting data, clamping conditions. and drill geometry varied to optimize the process and reach the desired quality. The results revealed possible reduction of burr occurrence on. both the entry and exit side of the sheet.  requiring no extra deburring. The demand on the uniform appearance of drilled holes fulfilled. as well as high productivity achieved. Such optimized process results in a noticeable production cost reduction. 
      During the drilling in a metal sheet, burrs form on both the entry . and exit side of the hole as a result of plastic deformation of the workpiece material. Burrs occurrence can cause many problems such as functional problems. small injuries of assembly workers. assembly issues, etc., requiring an extra deburring process for removal. These unwanted burrs are harder than the workpiece material. because of a strain-hardening effect. The costs associated with removing these burrs. as a percentage of manufacturing cost varies. up to 30 % for high precision components such as plane engines.

      In automotive components, the total amount of deburring cost. for a part of medium complexity is in the range of 15 to 20 % of the manufacturing expenses. There are many papers dealing with different kinds of deburring processes. but these are costly, very time consuming, and non-value-adding operations . Thus, it is very important and the beststrategy to cut or prevent burrs from occurrence. by controlling the process at all stages of the process chain. This control requires good knowledge from the design of the component. through production planning about burr creation on the workpiece.

     There is much recent work focused on the burr formation process and how to control. or cut this unwanted phenomena by variation of process variables. The successful control at all production stages can result. in producing burr-free components or significant deburring cost reduction. A uniform appearance of the drilled holes is also. among the requirements of a well optimized production process. This demand is of utmost importance when a single workpiece contains a great number . of drilled holes. In such case, any defect in the hole quality, resulting in different appearance. represents a non-permissible design.

why buy aluminum drill entry sheet in Yueshan?

      Yueshan Provide Insulectro LCOA EO Aluminum PCB Drilling Entry. and Exit (Backup) Materials Sheets
     EO is a combination of special aluminum laminated to both sides of a pure cellulose core. EO engineered for printed circuit board drilling.
      yeushan  aluminum drill entry sheet can:  
Minimizes Burring:  EO provides a flat, hard surface for largest support to cut burring.
Increases Hole Quality:  EO constructed of premium quality materials . that will not contaminate the hole wall.
Reduces Drilling Temperatures:  EO offers excellent. heat dissipation characteristics resulting in reduced drill wear. and minimized heat related hole defects.
Increases Drilling Accuracy/Precision: EO reduces drill breakage. and improves positional accuracy due to its unique compressible core.
Return on Investment: EO used in tandem with LCOA’s backup materials . provides the most effective combination. to reduce the need for expensive deburring and hole cleaning procedures.

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