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pcb drill backup board

pcb backup board

       The unique resin system offers low melting point lubricating characteristics. minimizes drill bittemperature rise and
maximizes drill life. The resin system is water-soluble and removed during subsequent wet processing.
      white melamine backup board has a smooth matt white finish. A slight structure from the coating process can seen but is only a visual effect. that does not affect the usability.

wood backing board information

Thickness 2.0/2.5mm
Tolerance of thickness ±0.15mm
Tolerance of size ±2mm
Warping degree ≤0.8%
Density ≥900kg/m3(HDF)
Hardness 72±5N/ mm²(shores D)
Standard size 37″*49″ 41″*49″ 43″*49″
940*1245mm 1041*1245mm 1092*1245mm
Full size large sheets (940X1245MM/37X49",1040X1245MM/41X49",1092x1244 mm /43x49’’) .
or ready to use cut to size panels with slots or registeration holes . according to customers’ drawings.
Environment Manufactured with MDF that satisfies E1 CLASS requirements. defined in the European Standard EN 622-1. when analyzed according to EN 120 standard.
For disposal local laws are to obeyed.

white melamine backup baord

pcb drilling backup board Features

- suitable for all drill hole size diameters
- outstanding fibre board price to replace the phenolic board. in the PCB manufacture process
- quality ratio at a stable high quality level
- special structure reduces drill wear and improves drill process

pcb wood  backup board advantages

-accuracy’ drilling 
-Reduced drill temperature and dr
-Increased hit counts, reducing co
-Increased stack heights.
-Excellent drill cleaning and chip f
-Improved hole-wall quality.
 -Reduced costs.

pcb drilling backup board supplier - Yueshan

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