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Pcb Drilling backup board suppliers

      Melamine Backup Board Wholesale -Yueshan. Yueshan Is specializing in the production of the. printed circuit board (PCB) accessories. We provide PCB drilling backup board. To be a good supplier with white melamine backup board products. and the most influence in the PCB market, YUESHAN is keep growing up with the market. and focus on the advanced technology in PCB industry.
      backup board suppliers Yueshan Established in 2003. YUESHAN specializes in materials for PCB drilling. Press Lamination  for customers all over the world. Over the course of time. our products have developed with continued improvements in PCB technology. and our constant introduction of high quality products to meet recent trends. Our staff equipped with a wealth of industrial, technical, professional experience. and have been serving the business for many years as industry leaders. Through intimate customer contact via the establishment of excellent relationships. we always strive to meet the needs of our customers.
     To ensure that our products can achieve all the requirements from customers. we bought the advanced numerical control equipment and testing instruments. We also have excellent designers and engineers to make sure we can service customer well. We have built efficient logistics and distribution systems which can timely. and effective to support the production. So we are willing to establish a long-term. win-win relationship with every PCB manufacturers.
     We committed to innovation, providing high quality equipments and accessories. The same time we would like to undertake more social responsibility. YUESHAN is a learning company. We pay cost of training for our workers to improve their ability to serve company and customers.
      In a word, YUESHAN team is willing to win a better progress and develop with all the friends.

White Melamine Backup Board Specifications

Good quality and competitive price!

We are looking for the dealers or distributors in worldwide
White melamine backup board used in the drilling hole of PCB /FPC .
Pcb Drilling backup board suppliers

melamine backup board Advantage:

-melamine backup board is a composition of the Melamine paper and wooden fiber board with high density. It's especially made  to replace the Phenolic backup board.
-backup board is difficult to distort.The warping degree is smaller than the Phenolic backup board.
-white melamine backup board reduces the abrasion of the drill and lengthens the life of drill.
-pcb drill backup board can save the cost and it has more sizes.
-drill PCB backup board doesn't pollute the environment.
-melamine laminated backup boardcan used for the hole on precise multi-layer board and flexible board.

PCB drill backup board Features

-Stable high quality, outstanding price/ quality ratio;
-Unique adding to lower drill temperature. minimizing drill wear and removal chips easy
-Specail structure reduce drill burr. Deburring can reduced or eliminated
-Excellent thickness tolerance improve hole quality
-White surafce helps visual drill check
-Use environmental friendly material and technology to keep health and no pollution
-Unique auto adaptive technology can improve drilling quality in back-drilling board, thick board
and heavy copper board"
-Replace conventional paper laminated white board and uv white board 

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